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My to do list!!!

In no particular order!!!

-Artwork for :iconbetaofthebass: (havent started)

-Artwork for :iconasukakyubi: (havent started)

-Draw again meme (havent started)

-Some yuri pic (dont even know what yet)

-FanArt of Samus Aran Zerosuit(havent started)

-All my OC's in one art(havent started)

Me and my Girlfriend

We are so lovey dovey~
Thank you my love~ :heart: :iconicetree13: :heart:
She drew us together, Arent we cute?


Paskiz has started a donation pool!
857 / 1,000
If you like my art and want to support me, then please consider donating. :iconawwwplz:
Every single point is appreciated, and I will check your gallery for anything that I like, but be aware that I moslty like drawings of cute or sexy girls :)

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Who's chibies are cuter?!??! Mine or Icetree-chans? 

21 deviants said Mine Chibi Kimani by Paskiz Luka and Haku: Lets sing! by Paskiz
9 deviants said HERS!!!! Anime Character Stickers by icetree13 Kimani Welcome by icetree13 Navidia Welcome Chibi for Paskiz by icetree13

Art of done by others of my OC's Kiia and Kaisa (/^w^)/

Here are the fantastic art that great artists and friends have drawn for me of my OC's:love:

Two or more of my Oc's
A Very Sexy and Fantastical Birthday to Paskiz!!!! by icetree13 / Happy Birthday Paskiz ! by Nanouw / Happy birthday to Paskiz! [EXTREMELY LATE] by Tarulimint

Kiia (commission) by Pupuomena / c: shh! i m trying to read! by Bubachan333 / AT with Paskiz by Anorha-Nono / / COM: Paskiz by nanako87 / [COMMISSION] Kiia by SweetOrenji / :Commission: Paskiz - Kiia by CvIaZ / COMM ~ Paskiz by HaseoLeomyr /

Kaisa and Kimani by icetree13 / AT: Kaisa by Tarulimint / Kaisa by shadow-bahar / Kaisa's Portrait by Nanouw

Which type of art do you like to see the most from me? 

98 deviants said Cute stuff ( ・ω ・)
42 deviants said Sexy stuff (〜^∇^)〜
29 deviants said Pervy stuff ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ
7 deviants said Ero ufos!!! ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ


:iconchibi-nendoroid-team: :iconwhispermewish:

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Drawing stats

This is for me to keep track of the characters I have drawn....

My own OC's drawn : 32 times
Other peoples OC's drawn : 30 times
Fanart drawn : 22 times

Updated on November 13th, 2014
Hello everybody, how are we all doing? ^w^

Im really sorry about the inactiviness of mine, and I will probably be even more inactive for pretty much the rest of the month, but I have a good reason!!!
My girlfriend icetree13 is coming to Finland next monday and stay for three weeks!!! YEAH!!! >w<
And I will be focusing on her of course for that time, and I bet its going to awesome summer!!! X3 I can hardly wait to see her again!!!!
Any suggestions on what we could do? Ja jos joku on Forssaa lähellä niin voidaan moikata XD

This also means that commissions and everything art related is on hold!

Then I got two tags, one from :iconlemon-lark: and one from :iconicetree13:! both are similiar so here are the rules


1. You must post these rules. 
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves. 
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. 
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can't say that you don't do tags.
8. You MUST make a journal entry!

10 Facts:

1. I am a huge game collector!
2. I like looking and drawing cute and sexy anime girls! >//w//<
3. I guess Im kinda perv heehehe < w <
4. I can speak fairly well Finnish, Estonian and English, but I have also studied spanish and swedish
5. I like animals!
6. I work at a toolstore
7. Im lactose intolerant
8. I love vocaloids! My fave is Haku ^w^
9. I like Metal, rock, dubstep, techno and retro video game music
10. I like running! :D 

Then questions from :iconlemon-lark:
1. Do you cosplay?
- Nope <__< 

2.Whats your hairstyle currently/Whats your dream hairstyle?
- short, kinda lifted up on the top. my dream hairstyle? mmm..bald.... lol no! I dont ever want to get bald XD...I dont knwo IM fine as it is, but I might try dyeing it sometime :)

3.Whats your favorite kind of Jewelry?
- mmmm.... I dont have any but I tihnk I would like to to wear something videogame related! :D

4.Do you like to read/ Whats your favorite genre?
- it really depends, I like to read but it has to veeeeeeeeeery interesting, otherwise I dont want or cant focus on reading.
Genre? Comics and manga! XD

5.Do you have any posters in your room?
few, one of them is my girlfriends are and ohers are from games, like Doom and Sonic the hedgehog!

6. Favorite Anime or TV show?
I like many but I dont know if I can say which my favorite...I think I will go with Kanokon :)

7. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
mmm...I guess Im fine over here x3

8.If you could learn one language fluently, what would it be?
-Japanese! for sure XD other one Id like to learn is Russia

9.Whats your Star Sign (Aries, Virgo, Taurus, etc.)?

10.What gets you motivated?
- My girlfriend icetree13 or some really sexy character I just have to draw XD

Then questions from :iconicetree13:
1. Other than drawing, what do you like to do/ What other talent do you have?
- Play games, drive around with a car or dirtbike, And I guess I have talent for those XD

2. Who inspires you the most? (doesn't have to be art related)
- you, icetree13 x3

3. Have you traveled outside of your state/country? If so, where to?
- yes I have, Ive been to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Canarian Islands and US Florida! I might have been to somewhere else but I cant remember more than those XD

4. Who is your YouTube crush?
- what? I have none, why would anyone have that XD

5. What is your favorite thing about space/the universe?
- the thing that its infinite, its different all the way and we dont know everything awesome that could be over there! :)

6. If you could choose one weapon of your choice from any video game/anime, what would it be?
- mm....portal gun! XD that one would be so much fun!

7. What would you do if you won $100,000?
- Pay my loan and buy a nice house, and maybe new car and hopefully save some of it for the future needs

8. If you could time travel, when would you travel to first?
- I guess to far future, I would love to see how all these techs have been improving on time and what has the world turned into :)

9. Which actor/actress would you like to spend a day with?
- Jenna Jameson? lol joking... Rowan Atkinson :)

10. What is the meaning of life?
-I dont know.... Have fun :)

I'm gonna broke the rule number 7....I will not tag anyone, sorry <__<

Alright, thats all for now!
Thanks everyone for being supportive and leaving comments and everything and Im really sorry I havent gotten back to you, I honestly feel bad for doing so >__<
I will try my best to get back over DA and be more active, but that has to wait for now... I will keep on checking DA time to time, so if anyone has something urgent I will always respond soon. 

Thank you all for reading, you are amazing!!! (ᴖ◡ᴖ)

Have an awesome August! ^w^

If you draw my OC Navidia, I will feature your work in my journals!>w<)b more info here

This is her and this lovely pagedoll of Navidia was done by:iconkitsuneco:

Featured artworks of my OC Navidia done by other amazing artists:

Navidia by Pesuri/Come Play Beach Ball With Us! by Makini90/Navidia for Paskiz by BetaoftheBass/Gift : Navidia by Solapi/60 point commission Navidia by kingofthedededes73/

Mature Content

Navidia Foxgirl by FrankiGarcia

Mature Content

Comm114 :: This apple is mein by Kuichuu
/Navidia fanart by ChazzVC/A Very Sexy and Fantastical Birthday to Paskiz!!!! by icetree13/

Mature Content

Paskiz's girls by Nanouw
/Happy Birthday Paskiz ! by Nanouw/Giftwork for Paskiz by Tuukkamon/Navidia by shadow-bahar/Tiempo de helado by Skogsjones/The Fox and the Pup by Blofu/Navidia by KuroNeko26/Navidia by dnomyar27poke/Danke Paskiz by PanHaukatze/

Mature Content

Bra?What is this bra? With Navidia by MuffySSwiftpath
/Hope to See You Under the Missletoe by Makini90 /

Mature Content

What a sunny day.. by ShaeeAW
/Navidia by LordessSkadi/Navidia Page Doll by Kitsuneco/Hug attack! by Tarulimint/Anthro glomp chaos owo by TheTalkingMask/

Mature Content

Navidia Having a Sauna by Lewdster
/Navidia LOOK at ME Please~ by keanove/Fan Art/Gift - Paskiz - Navidia by AnglosFerdnay/+Dancing with Ripples+ by x3Chibix3/.:Gift:. Navidia by nikari-keyo/Paskiz by Entity-1/Gift for Paskiz x3 by GeckiGewaldro/Navidia by KuraiTenshi89/

Mature Content

Eat time by Vyllains
/Navidia by EymBee/Navidia the Time Gal by OddworldianPrincess/Navidia Goes To School by OddworldianPrincess/Navidia by OddworldianPrincess/

Mature Content

Nahlia and Navidia by OddworldianPrincess

Mature Content

Navidia wip by SockyTrooper
/surprise Navidia~ by SockyTrooper/The Fox and the Wolf-Are we related? by Arxielle/paskiz Birthday picture by Assassin3k/Navidia ready to cut some one by Assassin3k/Unexpected Invitation by Yamikou/Navidia In The City by Yamikou/Navidia by Yamikou /Navidia! by Blofu/

Mature Content

Navidia (in fully human form) by paccu
/Hi there! by shadow-bahar/Navidia by shadow-bahar/Navidia by shadow-bahar/Navidia by Nanouw

Mature Content

Navidia by Nanouw
/Happy Birthday Paskiz! by TaiyokoChan/Paskiz's OC Navidia by DeadMan-Alchemist/Alanna and Navidia at the Beach by DeadMan-Alchemist/

Mature Content

Happy Birthday Paskiz!!! by DeadMan-Alchemist
/Muffy Navidia Enslaved By Tina by lkcreate/

Mature Content

Just read what's on their .... uhm by lkcreate

Mature Content

Maid Navidia by KitsuneYin

Mature Content

Navidia by icetree13
/Navidia by Makini90//

Mature Content

Navidia Muffy and Tina^^ by AlphaAnime
/Muffy and Navidia by AlphaAnime/

Mature Content

Foxes playing in the shower by AlphaAnime
/Navidia Fanart by b133d4u/

Mature Content

Wild Beauty by Ullamaliztli
/Navidia fanart 2 by Gr4D3s/Navidia fanart 1 by Gr4D3s/Navidia by PieChan34-Creations/Navidia by NPrinny/:: Navidia :: by BurningFantasy/Navidia ~ by crimsonrain19Navidia!! by TanukiQueen/Navidia by Arai-X/Navidia by Mio299/Fox by Mousse95/Nividia Finished by Art-By-Cait
These awesome arts were done by the following artists
:iconpesuri: :iconbetaofthebass: :iconsolapi: :iconkingofthedededes73: :iconfrankigarcia: :iconkuichuu: :iconchazzvc: :iconicetree13: :icontuukkamon: :iconskogsjones: :iconkuroneko26: :icondnomyar27poke: :iconpanhaukatze: :iconmuffysswiftpath: :iconshaeeaw: :iconlordessskadi: :iconkitsuneco: :icontarulimint: :iconthetalkingmask: :iconlewdster: :iconkeanove: :iconanglosferdnay: :iconx3chibix3: :iconnikari-keyo: :iconentity-1: :icongeckigewaldro: :iconkuraitenshi89: :iconvyllains: :iconeymbee: :iconoddworldianprincess: :iconsockytrooper: :iconarxielle: :iconassassin3k: :iconyamikou: :iconblofu: :iconpaccu: :iconshadow-bahar: :iconnanouw: :icontaiyokochan: :icondeadman-alchemist: :iconlkcreate: :iconkitsuneyin: :iconmakini90: :iconalphaanime: :iconb133d4u: :iconullamaliztli: :icongr4d3s: :iconpiechan34-creations: :iconnprinny: :iconburningfantasy: :iconcrimsonrain19: :icontanukiqueen: :iconarai-x: :iconmio299: :iconmousse95: :iconart-by-cait:

Paskiz's ID

Pagedoll of My OC Navidia made by icetree13

My commssion information here

Other sites: (not much art in them, Ill focus on DA)
Tumblr -
Hentai Foundry - account name Paskiz
FA -…
Pixiv -
FaceBook -
Rule34 - Paskiz
I also have gaming accounts on Steam, Xbox live ,PlayStation Network and I think I have MiiVerse too, just ask if you want to add me :)

Spoken Languages:

English: of course, Me speak güüd Ingrish x)

Finnish: juu suomi käypi oikein hyvin :) Ja juu tiedän että mut varmaan otettais suomalaisten kesken vakavasti jos mun käyttäjänimi olis joku muu:D

Estonian: mä olen pool eestlane, aga räägin eesti ok kuid kirjutata paljo ei oska kui soomes käisin koolis :) aru saan küll

Swedish: jag kan, men vill inte tala svenska xD



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